The First WebRTC

The First WebRTC

Ampletech is committed to provide the best, cost effective telecom solutions to your business, so we have to be at the forefront of the market and have access to the very best, latest technology. Wildix is a most advanced telecom system at present in the market and we are proud to gold partner with Wildix.


Wildix system is a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing such features as videoconference, chat and user’s presence, and in the same time, reduce operating costs.


Wildix has been the first vendor to fully integrate WebRTC for direct audio and video communication support in the web browser without the need to install any software or configure VPN.


What is the difference from other technologies?

No Installation, this means there is no file to download and install..

No signing up, this means there is no email to enter, to wait for, to verify..

This is where its simplicity lies, accessing the chat, the calls and video calls simply by clicking a button.


Does WebRTC guarantee security?

WebRTC is not a plug-in, it is an added component, but it is an in-build function of the Browser, which innately integrates security in the transmission of data using the DTLS method (Datagram Transport Layer Security).

Thanks to DTLS wiretapping and tampering are impossible.

WebRTC has, additionally, a point-to-point encryption system, thus guaranteeing the protection of personal data. Basically, there is no “mediator” (as with the solution server like Skype) through which communication passes, but a “Direct” transmission from user to user.

To find out more about Wildix phone system, please click here for more information. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will talk you though your options

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