PPC Services

Get so much more from each click with Ampletech’s PPC services


Where’s the first place you go when you want to research something or find out the price of a product? You, like everyone else, will have answered Google. Which is why it’s vitally important to ensure that your business is seen where your customers are looking.

At Ampletech, we pride ourselves on our rich experience in using Google Adwords, PPC keyword generators, and analytics to create interactive and dynamic pay-per-click campaigns for our clients, to help them reach their business goals.

We work with you to understand your products to create engaging adverts that are targeted at your audiences, factoring in seasonal changes to what people search for, as well as filtering out common misconceptions that confuse searches with your brand, to ensure that clicks are genuine.

PPC is targeted at lead generation rather than brand development. If you’re more interested in brand awareness for the time being, we offer search engine optimisation and website development which will help you optimise your brand and tailor it to your customers’ needs.


About Ampletech

Ampletech aims to provide businesses with a one-stop-shop for all of their IT and digital requirements, from day-to-day support, through to marketing, and long-term infrastructure consultation and planning.

We work with a local marketing firm to ensure that our marketing strategies are up-to-date and in line with current trends, with a look towards future changes in the market. We also work with them in cases where our clients are looking for non-digital marketing and design needs, which are available upon consultation.


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